Title II Data Reporting

Section 205 of Title II of the Higher Education Act (as amended in 2008) requires educator preparation programs (EPPs) to report data on the assessments used for teacher certification or licensure by the state. These data include the number of test takers, the number who passed, the pass rate, the average scaled score, and the minimum passing score for each assessment. States must report these data for each IHE (Institution of Higher Education - traditional and alternative routes) and non-IHE-based alternative route. For Title II reporting, all traditional EPPs at a single IHE are to be considered a single program. Similarly, all alternative routes at a single IHE (or at a single non-IHE-based program) are to be considered a single program.

Meeting the federal requirement for pass rate reporting requires the collaborative effort of EPPs, State Departments of Education, and Pearson. To facilitate communication among these three parties, a secure Web-based data transmission system has been established by Pearson at the website https://www.educationreports.net opens in a new window.

Each preparation program is required to provide data for candidates who are enrolled or have completed programs of professional teacher preparation. These data are then compared with testing records, and Assessment Pass Rate and Summary Pass Rate reports are generated for preparation providers and the State.

Title II Resources

Important Dates

  • Early to mid-October 2023 Pearson's Title II data collection and reporting website opens for EPP access; EPPs may access their Data Collection Worksheet template and begin completion tasks, as outlined in the Instruction Manual (see note below)
  • December 1, 2023 Initial Deadline for Data Collection Worksheet Submissions
  • January 26, 2024 Second Deadline for Data Collection Worksheet Submissions
  • March 5, 2024 Final Deadline for submission of Data Collection Worksheets

NOTE: EPPs will be notified via email when the Title II Data Collection and reporting website opens in early to mid-October 2023. Additional EPP resources will be available, including the final data collection and reporting schedule for the upcoming year, and the Title II Data Collection and Reporting Instruction Manual.

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